North Dakota is a gorgeous state. Abounding with natural beauty and many places to visit, it’s certainly somewhere worth seeing. While there are incredible cities and towns to stop in, the natural beauty of North Dakota is really something that shouldn’t be missed. It has mountains, grasslands, bodies of water, and lovely wildlife all throughout the state. Make sure you find time to visit this incredible state. Here’s a sampling of some of the natural beauty of North Dakota.


Scandinavian Heritage Park

This park pays tribute to the ancestry of many people in North Dakota whose families immigrated to the United States from Scandinavian countries, like Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, and Finland. Visitors can see the replica of Gol Stave Church and a replica of a traditional Finnish sauna. There’s also an authentic Norwegian home from the 18th century that was rebuilt at the park. Learn about Scandinavian history at this cool park.


Lake Sakakawea and Garrison Dam

Taking up 609 square miles, this manmade lake is the largest in any state and is also the biggest body of water in all of North Dakota. The lake takes its name from the Native American woman, Sakakawea, who helped lead the Lewis and Clark expedition through the Louisiana Purchase and is renowned throughout the United States.


Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park

The history of this area stretches back hundreds of years, to before the United States was founded and only Native Americans called this place home; you can tour Native American villages within the state park. The park covers an immense 977 acres and sits alongside the Missouri River. This place is also rich in military history, with a fort on its grounds that visitors can tour.


Theodore Roosevelt National Park

This park is likely the main natural attraction you’ll want to see while in North Dakota. A huge park that has a North and South unit and various ecosystems and wildlife within it. You can visit the Badlands, take a scenic drive through the prairies, and see buffalo, birds, wild horses, and other animals. When you visit, you can even camp in the park or go for a hike on one of the numerous trails.


Little Missouri State Park

Also located in the Badlands, visitors can rent or bring their own horses and have a wilderness adventure. Guide services are available and you’ll have a chance to see the truly unique and stunning natural views of North Dakota. While not as large as Theodore Roosevelt National Park, it’s still definitely worth a visit.

Check out these striking pictures from various places in North Dakota.