There’s a chance you might of heard the term “geocaching” at some point, but are probably unsure of what it means. Geocaching is the modern era’s response to a treasure hunt. Geocachers will hide objects in a weatherproof container, providing the geographical location of the container on a geocaching website or app. The treasure seekers then use a device with GPS capabilities to find the container.


Geocaching has definitely caught on in recent years, becoming a popular activity for those who love scavenger hunts. Wherever you are, you’re probably close to a bunch of geocaches in your area, you just need to start looking for them.


To get started with this fun activity, you’ll first need smartphone or tablet with GPS capabilities. Then you’ll want to download a geocaching app onto your device so you can see the latest drops in your area. There are a lot of different options as far as different apps you can download, and many of them are free, but there are some that you will need to pay for if you want extra features. To start out, you’ll want to get a free membership, until you’re sure you’re interested in this activity.


Each geocache will come with a difficulty level; if you’re brand new to geocaching, make sure to start out with easier geocaches. Enter the GPS coordinates into your device so you can figure out the path you will take to get to the container. This is supposed to be fun and also safe, so be sure you know where you’re going and be aware of your surroundings.


Before you leave, decide whether or not you’re going to take what’s within the geocache. It’s always a good idea to drop off something for the next person to find, just make sure it’s something you don’t mind giving up. Some ideas for what you could bring include small toys, keychains, foreign money, a small first aid kit, or small tools. You should not consider putting in anything food related because it could go bad or could attract animals and bugs. It’s also not likely to be enjoyed by anyone because most people wouldn’t eat food from a geocache.


Once you’re in the area of the cache, look around for the container. It shouldn’t be buried underground, but it may be somewhat of a challenge to find. Geocaches come in various shapes and sizes. When you’ve found the container, look inside at the contents of the box. If there’s something you see that you like and is equivalent in value to the object you brought, opt for a trade. Check to see if there’s a logbook that you can sign your initials in. When you’re done, put the container back where you found it and go on to the next one!


Once you get home, be sure to check in with that specific geocache. You should include the information you put in the logbook. Geocaching can be a fun, interactive activity so try your hand at it and see if you want to make it your new hobby!